Hello everyone !

📢 🔴 URGENT 🔴

An awesome software is dying, because its has not time anymore to care of it.

It's an alternative of Adobe AfterEffect : Natron (natrongithub.github.io/)

Please, can Mastodon community search for a C++ dev, which want to maintain it ? or search for a company which work with free software ? It's very important.

Boost very appreciated

Thanks in advance for your contribution !


What kind of cpp experience would be needed? I'm looking for to build up my portfolio but not sure how much help I'd be here


@gaurdianaq Well,... you need good some experience with multimedia (but I think you know quite a lot of things), BUT : everybody is welcome, and to learn, it can be nice. You can talk with team and ppl interested on the forum : discuss.pixls.us/c/software/na Don't hesitate to see this topic too to better understand what is the roadmap : discuss.pixls.us/t/natron-deve

(sorry for my bad english ;-))

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